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Реферат The patways for biosynthesis of tetrapyrrole

Текст реферата The patways for biosynthesis of tetrapyrrole

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As in cellfree extracts from both maize and Scenedesmus ALA-synthase
activity could be measured (Riihl, 1984) the question of
compartimentation of this ALA providing system arose. It could be
shown that in isolated maize plastids no ALA-synthase activity was
present. The assumption that this enzyme could in plants be located in
the mitochondria could not be verified (Riihl, 1984). When
mitochondria were isolated from both organisms even by radioactive
assay no ALA-synthase activity could be detected in the mitochondria
so that it seems to be reasonable that the Sheminpathway is located in
the cytoplasm of plant cells. This is in contradiction to animal cells
where ALA-synthase is described to be a mitochondrial enzyme (Granick
and Sassa, 1971). The further enzymes up to Coproporphyrinogen III
oxidase are located in the cytoplasm. The final steps up to heme are
located again in the mitochondria.
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