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Реферат Major dates of US history (english)

Текст реферата Major dates of US history (english)

1000 Viking raider Leif Ericson discovers North America (Newfoundland)
calls it Vinland.
1492 Christopher Columbus discovers Caribbean islands
1497 John Cabot, an Italian seaman employed by England, reaches and
explores the Canadian coast.
1565 St. Augustine founded by the Spanish in Florida.
1585, 1587 Sir Walter Raleigh sends two groups of people to settle in
1607 Colonization of North America begins with the establishment of
the first permanent English colony Jamestown in Virginia.
1613 Virginia settlers start growing tobacco for sale, give up
searching for gold
1619 The first group of 20 African slaves brought to North America.
1620 The Pilgrim Fathers establish their colony at Plymouth
1624 Census shows only 1275 survivors out of nearly 10000.
1626 New Amsterdam founded by the Dutch.
1664 New Amsterdam captured by the British and renamed New York.
1691 The Boston colony with the Plymouth colony combine under the
name of Massachusetts
1733 Georgia, the last. thirteenth British colony founded in North
1756-63 The French and Indian War. Britain takes over Canada and East
Louisiana from France.
1764 Stamp Act which led to violent opposition in the colonies.
1773 Boston Tea Party.
1774 The first Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia.
1775-81 (83) The War of Independence.
1775 The second Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia and begins
to act as a national government.
1776, July 4, Declaration of Independence.
1777 A British army surrenders at Saratoga.
1781, October 17, British General Cornwallis surrenders to General
Washington Yorktown. End of the fighting.
1781 The Articles of Confederation issued.
1783 Peace Treaty of Paris (Версальский договор). Britain recognizes
American independence.
1787 The Constitutional Convention meets in Philadelphia, adopts the
Constitution of the United States.
1787 The Northwest Ordinance issued (treating Indians fairly,
governing new territories).
1789 George Washington becomes first President of the United States.
1791 The Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the
Constitution) ratified.
1800 The Federal Government moves to Washington.
1803 Napoleon sells Louisiana for $15,000,000.
1804 The first expedition to the Pacific by land.
1808 Importing slaves becomes a crime.
1817 President Monroe declares that the Indians will have to be
1818 The Compromise Line adopted.
1819 Annexation of Florida.
1830 The government passes the Indian Removal Act.
1835 American rebellion in Texas.
1845 Annexation of Texas.
1846-48 The Mexican-American War.
1867 Russia sells Alaska for $7,200,000.
1893 Abandonment of the policy of isolation.
1898 The Spanish-American war.